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Vrinda Inc.
New York, New York

Multi-use Community Parking and Charging Hub

90% of fleets are owned by small/ medium businesses who often lack dedicated parking. The higher cost of electric vehicles and need for charging infrastructure for fueling, in lieu of a gas station, makes fleet electrification a nonstarter. Our project will demonstrate a business model that demonstrates hassle-free, multi-use charging and parking solutions, along with right vehicle incentives in disadvantaged communities, will accelerate fleet electrification.

Charging hubs developed in collaboration with communities and the private sector enables lower total operating cost, optimal use of parking lots, additional revenue for landlords, optimized utilization for charger providers, and a model to avoid costly make ready investment for utilities. A monthly/weekly subscription at a parking/charging hub is unique as it will electrify fleets owned by small businesses instead of electrifying proprietary fleets with tax/ratepayers' subsidies. The project will empower communities and become a template for sustainable fleet electrification for small businesses.

Our solution consists of the implementation of 50 L2 19.2kW and 10 150kW+ DC fast chargers by ChargePoint paired with Veloce storage solution to reduce make ready costs and enable grid services. The solution will be operated by GMC Parking to enable hassle-free monetization of unused parking lots, especially in off-business hours.

Our solution makes electric fleet adoption as easy as the current practice of buying an internal combustion engine (ICE) fleet, where one does not wonder about gas station availability. The solution strives for an improvement in the customer experience by providing secured parking as well as hassle-free charging.  It eliminates individual charging infrastructure ownership in space-constrained disadvantaged communities where credit risk may prevent dedicated charger deployment.

By providing an assured additional revenue stream, in a turnkey solution, landlords will see a positive opportunity to monetize their unused parking lots. The EVSE provider and OEMs will get economies of scale and reduced customer acquisition costs due to strategically managed community programs.

By eliminating their exposure to diesel fumes and loud engine noises, communities will see a positive benefit from better air quality due to idling reduction and less noise pollution.

In the Phase 1 of the Prize competition, clear success will be through enrollment of fleets from disadvantaged communities nearby based on assurance of parking and charging facilities. Further, successful enrollment of a few anchor customers will make model viable for long term and become template for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) development on multiple sites in or around disadvantaged communities in New York.

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Suffolk County
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