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Rapidis Sustainable Patient Transporter

This project enables access to personal transportation in low-income communities and access to jobs requiring frequent transportation like delivering or couriering. This solution lowers personal transportation ownership costs and enables mobility flexibility to said communities. Additionally, this project helps to reduce street congestion, emissions, and provides more options for low-income communities.  

The 2Narrow proposal incorporates a light, narrow electric vehicle that emphasizes maneuverability and accommodates either a large storage space or two passengers. One of the key features of its design is its small parking footprint allowing for condensed storage, as such this feature aims to reduce said costs. Also, this vehicle fits in freight elevators and other pedestrian only access areas where current vehicles cannot.

This solution offers disadvantaged communities an affordable clean energy alternative to owning a vehicle. While it can serve both recreational and commercial uses, our solution aims to increases access to jobs requiring individual transportation.

Our solution of the Rapidis will increase access to clean transportation to disadvantaged communities by providing a zero emission, compact, maneuverable ambulance service vehicle. This vehicle addresses slowed response times by increasing maneuverability allowing for more mobility in street congestion. It also is less expensive than its traditional counterparts allowing the community more ambulance accessibility and ubiquitous deployment locations decreasing response times. This vehicle will use telematics for communicating directly with hospitals to discuss important patient information, improving emergency medical technician (EMT) care in speed and accuracy.  

As this vehicle is compact, it will take up less space in ambulance bays allowing for more vehicles. Additionally, the vehicle will have lower fuel and maintenance costs in comparison to traditional ambulances due to its electric drive systems. Further lowering fuel costs and increasing sustainability is the fact that the vehicle is completely electric. It also is manufactured with recycled materials minimizing its environmental impact.

Success for us is to save more lives through emergency medical system (EMS) responsiveness and ubiquity as well as to create a lower cost point for EMS solutions through Aaas. This will be measured over a 3-year period using statistics regarding the reduction of fatalities, reduction of money spent by the community on EMS vehicles, and reduction in average EMS response times.

Our solution will impact broadly, allowing all citizens with serious ailments immediate transportation and treatment. This solution will increase flow of patients to Bronx hospitals through additional ambulances and provide training and infrastructure for local communities to participate.

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Bronx County
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