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Tomra of North America, INC
Fayetteville , New York

TOMRA's Electric Truck Initiative: Closing Loops on Full (Re)Cycle Sustainability

This Project addresses: diesel emissions in disadvantaged communities; the lack of available and affordable electric vehicles; the challenges of purchasing, installing, and managing charging infrastructure; the unavailability of EV job training; and the lack of documentation of fleet electrification success. This Project replaces 14 diesel trucks with electric trucks, and purchases and installs three Grids-on-a-Skid equipped with 10 DC Fast Chargers at three New York sites, all of which serve, and one that is in, disadvantaged communities. The Project's success is based on an unrivaled partnership that offers experience and shovel-ready solutions. The outcome will be reduced emissions, and costs, measured through emissions and project monitoring. In addition, the Project will include job training in disadvantaged communities, which will forge a new workforce to support the emerging EV industry. Lastly, the fleet transformation from diesel to electric will be documented in video to provide a blueprint for replication and scalability.

This Project replaces 14 diesel vehicles with EVs, immediately reducing emissions. This is a "seed project," growing into the conversion of TOMRA's entire fleet to EVs and serving as an example to other fleets that medium- and heavy-duty EVs are viable. This growth of EV deployment moves the economies of scale, reducing the cost of the technology over time.

In addition, the Grid-on-a-Skid charging technology reduces operating costs, reduces infrastructure deployment time, solves the dilemma of installation on leased sites, and facilitates expansion. It can be built and shipped in 90-120 days, and minimizes the required grid upgrades through managed charging and use of primary power. For example, we can save $69/kW and .0015/kWh in ConEd's service territory.

Success will be measured in emission reductions, reduced operating costs, and more availability of EVs. It will also be measured by additional fleets replicating this project in their operations, jobs creation, job training, and the awareness that is raised by the Project.

Over a three-year period, this Project will result in TOMRA's fleet electrification, and the electrification of other fleets who will learn from TOMRA's efforts. TOMRA and the Project Team will use data collected and the Project itself, as documented in video, as a resource and blueprint for fleets throughout New York and the nation. The Project will directly impact disadvantaged communities like the Bronx and other communities through which the TOMRA EVs will travel. And, it will have a long-lasting community impact through job training and community outreach.

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