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NY, New York

eNTRALYNC's Sustainability/eMobile vehicles to recharge Ev cars in Disadvantage Communities.

The problem in disadvantage communities is the lack of communication, availability, and visibility of viable resources that can illustrate the importance of transitioning from fossil fuel usage to renewable energy sources. Sustainability is not only for the environment but includes improving the health of every human being mentally and biologically so they can function in a technologically advancing society. We will solve the problem by filling this educational gap by building a multifaceted Sustainability and Electrification center. This center will include the latest renewable sources that include EV charging stations, solar, wind, exercise equipment, electric scooter rentals, and an eNTRALYNC Vitality eCafe. These energy source will charge eMobile Vehicles. The intended outcome is to educate and influence these communities to conserve energy while showing them how to attain EVs viably. Success will be measured by energy dashboard conservation data, CO2 emission reduction, kWh usage at the charging stations, and customer

eNTRALYNC solutions is to help reduce income inequality by providing the same resources that are available for corporations and the affluent to small businesses and underdeveloped areas. We will build a sustainable building that will consist of multiple renewable resources to achieve net zero while simultaneously educating the community. The technologies will consist of solar power, wind turbines, kinetic tiles, eFitness equipment, EV charging station, eMobile charging and transportation (eBikes,eScooters). The eNTRALYNC building will have two Powercells that will be charged through energy harvesting technologies consisting of a rooftop photovoltaic system, wind turbines, kinetic tiles, eBikes and eTreadmills.  The solutions of EV charging stations will provide a physical illustration of the availability of fueling stations for the EV market on a larger population and geography in a disadvantage community. eScooter rentals are better air quality forms of transportation with less noise pollution and reduces car traffic. Uber and Lyft drivers that are using EVs throughout the inner city will need charging infrastructure readily available. The importance of nutrition is often bypassed by Fast Food establishments, eNTRALYNC's Vitality eCafe brings healthy options with nutritional value through our juices and teas. There will be a room available for the purpose of educating the community, students, car manufacturers to advertise their latest EV vehicle options and deals, and endless training opportunities to educate society on sustainability from utility companies. The building will also have a fitness section to educate body health and harvest energy from the eTreadmills and eBikes.

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